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Birkas Hachodesh – Cantor Ezra Lubelsky

Back Again at The Great Synagogue

Cantor Tzvi Weiss will be leading the services at The Great Synagogue in Jerusalem for the second consecutive Shabbos.

Retzeh, Mimkomcha – Cantor Tzvi Weiss

From a concert at the Performing Arts Center-Tel Aviv Opera House on the 5th of February, 2017.

Cantor Jack “Jackie” Mendelson—New York cantor and recording artist— sings like some of his favorite cantors (including Israel Alter and Moshe Ganchoff) and explains what he means when he says that cantors, “paint” their words.

Newly released videos from the Emunah Gala Concert in 2016 with Cantor Simon Cohen and child soloist.

The Halelu Men’s Choir, conducted by Shalom Kinnory, opened the 2016

Videos: Helfgot Sings Yankele Talmud & Koussevitzky (1)

The concert took place on the 5th of Shvat, 5777 in Tel Aviv with guest cantors: Israel Rand and Shai Abramson.

This Week at The Great Synagogue: Tzvi Weiss

After a successful Selichot service earlier this year, Cantor Tzvi Weiss is returning this Shabbos to the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem.

Photos: Helfgot Sings Yankele Talmud & Koussevitzky

Thousands filled the pews of the Hiechal Hatarbut in Tel Aviv for a concert titled “Helfgot sings from Yankele Tamud to Moshe Koussevitzky”. Helfgot was joined on stage by Cantors Shai Abramson and

Kel Maleh Rachamim – Cantor Azi Schwartz

Memorial prayer chanted by Cantor Azi Schwartz at the funeral service of Jordan (Yosen Ben Avrahm) Kaplan on January 5, 2017 at Park Avenue Synagogue.

From a cantorial school concert performance on December 22, 2016 in Petach Tikvah.

Al Naharos (Spektor) – Moti Boyer

From the wedding of the grandson of the Kapishnitzer Rebbe, Al Naharos Bavel (P. Spketor).

Al Tira (Roitman)

Moishelach Shloimelach – Yanky Lemmer & Zevy Zions

A sad song composed by Cantor Israel Alter, depicting the post Holocaust desolation.

Translation Below


אונטער די פוילישע גרינינקע ביימעלעך
שפילן זיך מער נישט קיין משהלעך שלמהלעך
שפילן זיך מער נישט קיין רחל׳ע לאהלעך
נישט אויף קיין גרעזעלעך ניט אויף קיין שנייעלעך
ס׳הילכן שוין

Beautiful Rendition of Kaddish (Maurice Ravel)

A newly released clip by KC Nusach, just beautiful. Below the text, there are a number of clips from other cantors singing this composition.

The Uknown “Ki Lekach Tov”

This beautiful composition “Ki Lekach Tov” – sung by Cantor Morris Katzin – was composed by Knobelman and has become a staple in some synagogues, though it largely remains obscure with few cantors singing it on stage at concerts or at Shul.

A Younger Chaim Adler Sings Tal

Cantor Chaim Adler singing Tal at a concert that took place 32 years ago in 1985.

Miller on Cantorial Improvisation

Two video clips of the world famous Cantor Benzion Miller discussing the art of cantorial improvisation, fascinating insights and some demonstrations of how it is actually done.