Yechezkel Klang Archive

HaMechabeh Es HaNer – Five Versions

HaMechabeh Es HaNer, a composition on a Mishna that is recited by some Ashkenazi communities just before the recital of Borchu on Shabbat evenings.

Undated Concert With Former Opera Singer and More

Hineni (Ganchoff) – Cantor Yechezkel Klang

Cantor Yechezkel Klang singing “Hineni” (Sefirat Haomer) composed by Cantor Moshe Ganchoff.

Accompaniment: Menachem Bristowski

For more videos from this concert 

Nusach Beis Abba – Friday Night Clip

Cantor Yechezkel Klang of Israel has released four new CD’s of Nusach (Jewish Liturgal Music) covering Shabbos, Festivals, Rosh Hashona and Yom Kippur.

Titled Nusach Beis Abba , the tunes in the new series of CD’s are gleaned from many cantors among them

Birkas Hachodesh (M. Stern) – Yechezkel Klang

Cantor Yechezkel Klang – Uv’divrei Kodshecho