Alberto Mizrahi Archive

Chanuka Concert, 1989

A Chanukah Cantorial Concert in December 1989, from the archives of Gila & Haim Wiener.

Benzion Miller
Alberto Mizrachi
Yaakov Motzen

Accompanied by:
Maestro Daniel Gildar

From a cantorial concert at the Town Hall of NYC, 1990. Cantor Ganchoff who was 86 at the time, sang Hosha’ana with his students Cantors: Alberto Mizrachi, Jack, Mendelson and Israel Goldstein.

Videos: Cantors Assembly Concert

A spirited version of Amar Rabi Elazar (M. Oysher). Begins from minute 5:30

Yiru Eineinu – Cantor Alberto Mizrahi

Cantor Alberto Mizrahi sings Yiru Eineinu at a concert some years ago. Watch out for the High C at minute 3:08.

V’LiYerushalayim Ircha – Cantor Alberto Mizrahi

A beautiful and dramatic version of V’LiYerushalayim Ircha (M. Koussevitzky) by Cantor Alberto Mizrahi.

From a concert in May, 1993 at Congregation Sha’arei Tzion.

He is accompanied by Maestro Daniel Gildar.