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A Younger Chaim Adler Sings Tal

Cantor Chaim Adler singing Tal at a concert that took place 32 years ago in 1985.

Dos Yiddishe Lied – Cantor Chaim Adler

Cantor Chaim Adler (Great Synagogue, Jerusalem) sings the classic Dos Yiddishe Lied (Sholom Secunda/A. Schorr), accompanied by Maestro Eli Jaffe and orchestra.

Avinu (Prayer for Israel) – Cantor Chaim Adler

Selections – Cantor Chaim Adler

Sim Shalom in Pope’s Presence

Cantor Chaim Adler singing Sim Shalom during a visit by Pope Benedict to the Great Synagogue of Cologne, Germany.

Brich Shmei (Mashup) – Cantor Chaim Adler

Cantor Chaim Adler leading the service at a dedication of a new Sefer Torah last year in Jerusalem. 

He leads the crowd in singing the Brich Shmei and during the

Dror Yikra – Cantors Adler, Fisher, Motzen & Rand

Dror Yikra (L. Glantz) sung four great Cantors: Chaim Adler (Great Synagogue, Jerusalem), Dudu Fisher, Yaakov Motzen (Bal Harbor, Florida) Israel Rand (Great Synagogue Ramat Gan).

Three Chanukah Songs, Three Cantors

Cantor Yaakov Motzen singing Maoz Tzur (P. Pinchik) at a Chanukah Concert that took place on December 24, 1989 At The Young Israel Beth-El Of Borough Park.
This video clip

Lo Omus – Chazan Chaim Adller

Chazan Chaim Adler of the Great Synagogue of Jerusalem sings Lo Omus (S. Carlebach) at a concert titled “Carlebach in the Opera”.