Cantorial Kumzitz

Cantorial Kumzitz in Boro Park, New York with Cantor Yoely Kahn on Chol Hamoed Pesach, 5778. WATCH

Six Versions of Tal (Dew) Prayer

The prayer for dew (Tal) is recited on the first day of Passover, an earnest and soulful prayer beseeching Hashem to sustain our crops and livelihood in anticipation of the summer season. LISTEN TO SIX VERSIONS

Rehearsing in Kiev, Ukraine

Cantor Mendy Greenfield rehearsing with a choir, days before the High Holidays in the Brotzky Synagogue in Kiev, Ukraine. WATCH

Shabbat Classics by Simon Cohen

Welcome Shabbat with two classical Shabbat compositions, sung by Cantor Simon Cohen. WATCH

Winner of Cantorial Competition

After one week of judicious scoring by world famous Cantor Yaakov Motzen and an online poll that was open to the public, the winner of the inaugural cantorial vocal competition of has been chosen. WINNER, FULL STORY

New: Chazonus In Jeans

A new cantorial initiative called Chazonus in Jeans will be showcased this Shabbat at two different synagogues. MORE INFORMATION

Kabbalat Shabbat Music by Cantor Moshe Weisblum

The nusach, musical modes and tunes for the Friday night service as sung by Rabbi Moshe Weisblum. WATCH

Trailer: New York Cantors

PBS broadcasting station has released a special feature titled New York Cantors, featuring Cantors Azi Shwartz, Netanel Herstik and Yanky Lemmer. Watch the three minutes trailer in the full article. WATCH HERE

Rehearsal in Cologne, Germany

Cantors in Cologne, Germanyy rehearsing a cantorial composition by Cantor Binyamin Munk. WATCH

Poll Open: Vote Your Favorite Cantor

Today, Friday, begins the vote for the winner of the cantorial vocal competition. Now you can vote your favorite cantor in the full article. CLICK TO VOTE

Purim Kiddush by IDF Cantor

Enjoy this humorous edition of Kiddush for Purim as sung by Cantor Aryeh Braun, the Chief IDF Cantor for many years. WATCH

Pesach Cleaning Uncovers Composition

While cleaning and sorting through his belongings for Pesach, Cantor Motti Boyer was surprised and delighted to discover the notes to a composition he had written. MORE, VIDEO

Avremi Roth at Shabbat Shira Concert

Two video clips of Cantor Avremi Roth from the post Shabbat Shira concert that took place in Jerusalem. WATCH

Shoshanat Yaakov Compilation

L: Cantor Moshe Stern R: Cantor Yaakov Motzen
A compilation of the Purim song Shoshanat Yaakov as sung by world famous Cantors Moshe Stern, Yaakov Motzen and more. WATCH

Chazan Yaakov Rosten Sings Kol Hashem

London born Chazan Yaakov Rosten, singing Kol Hashem, an improvisation on the Nusach for this prayer that is recited on Shabbat evening. LISTEN

Hurwitz Releases Debut Single

Brooklyn born Cantor Aryeh Leib Hurwitz has released his first debut single "Sheyiboneh"-combining Cantorial Music with Jazz Music for a new rendition of this classic. LISTEN

NEW: Cantorial Vocal Competition is excited to announce the launch of an online cantorial vocal competition. MORE

Next Week: Shabbat Chazanut

Save the date: Cantorial Shabbat with Cantor David Weinbach and Maestro Yankele Rottner. MORE INFORMATION

Helfgot at Shabbos Shira Concert

Video clips of world renown Cantor Yitzchak Meir Helfgot performing at the conclusion of the Cantorial Shabbos Shira in Jerusalem, Israel. WATCH VIDEOS

Shema Yisrael (Glantz)

A recent recording of Cantor Motti Boyer singing Shema Yisrael, a composition by Cantor Leib Glantz. WATCH