Bentzion Miller Archive

Workshop on Shlomo Carlebach Presented by Benzion Miller

Chanukah Candle Lighting – Cantor Benzion Miller

Cantor Benzion Miller light the Menorah at a Chanukah concert that took place on Dec 24,1989 at The Young Israel Beth-El of Borough Park.

A Chazzan Oif Shabbos – Cantor Bentzion Miller

The great Cantor Benzion Miller sings “A Chazzan Oif Shabbos” in a concert in Montreal, Passover 5774. Great performance with a great sense of humor.

Piano: Yosi Milo

Cantor Bentzion Miller Sings Carlebach

Cantor Bentzion Miller sings some classical Carlebach Niggunim. He is accompanied by the Aaron Miller Memorial Choir.

Mimkomcha – Shlomo Carlebach