avromi freilich Archive

Cantorial Cruise (5) – Cantors Albrecht, Freilich, Herstik, Helfgot, Stark

Cantorial gems from the archives of Gila & Haim Wiener, a cantorial festival at sea, August 2004.

Kehillos Hakodesh – Cantor Avromi Freilech

Cantor Avromi Freilich delivering a stirring rendition of Cantor Shmuel Malvaskys’ Av Harachamim (Kehillos Hakodesh) at a concert in London, England.

Hallelu – Cantor Avromi Freilich

Cantor Avromi Freilich sings Hallelu (Y. Rosenblatt) at a concert of Jewish song in aid of the Jewish community of Lvov.

Avromi Freilich, grew up in London and began