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Photos: Helfgot Sings Yankele Talmud & Koussevitzky

Thousands filled the pews of the Hiechal Hatarbut in Tel Aviv for a concert titled “Helfgot sings from Yankele Tamud to Moshe Koussevitzky”. Helfgot was joined on stage by Cantors Shai Abramson and

Concert: Best of Contemporary and Cantorial

A concert showcasing the compositions of legendary composers: Bentzion Shenker, Yankele Talmud, Chaim Banet and Hillel Paley will take place in Tel Aviv on the 5th of Februrary 2017.

Cantor Tzvi Weiss will be representing the cantorial

Annual European Cantorial Convention

Over fifty people crowded into the beautiful Prague Beth Din chamber, dating back to medieval times, to participate in this year’s four day intensive program with the world’s outstanding teachers was devoted to the traditional modes and melodies of

Chazonus Meets Contemporary: A Weekend With Fried, Helfgot, Motzen

A once a year weekend concert with the leading stars of the Cantorial & Chassidic music.

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Four Cantors To Head 3 Days of Concerts

A rather unique set of three concerts will take place next week in Rechovot, Petach Tikva and Jerusalem.

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Pesach Medley – Cantor C. E. Herstik

From the tribute concert to the legendary composer, arranger and pianist, Maestro Menachem Bristowski.

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This video of a cantorial concert in Timisoara, Romania was part of the cantorial mission to, Romania in November of 1987 – sponsored by Gila & Haim Wiener.

Benzion Miller
Yaakov Motzen
David Bagley

Accompanied by:
Maestro Daniel Gildar

Cantors Benzion & Shimmy Miller in Concert

Ba’avur David (Roitman/Rumshinsky)
Al Zos (Based on Giuseppe Verdi’s Nabucco)

Newly Released Video of Live Davening

Veteran Cantorial concert goer Yaakov Felberbaum has released a video recording of a Yom Kippur Katan prayer service that was held on Erev Rosh Chodesh Kislev 5770 (2009) in the Great Synagogue of Tel Aviv.
What happens when two conductors are on the same stage? 

At a recent concert in Israel, Maestro and Cantor Naftali Herstik and Maestro Paul Salter led their respective choirs in

Cantor Leizer Brook at The Royal Concertgebouw, Amsterdam

Here are some video clips from a recent concert of Cantor Leizer Brook at the Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. 

The concert was directed and

Full Cantorial Concert – Kibbutz Lavi

A full cantorial concert with Cantors: Yaakov Motzen, Tzuddik Greenwald, Dov Heller

The concert took place in Kibbutz Lavi, Israel in 5770 (2010) and was recently uploaded online.