Yishtabach (Rosenblatt) by Yoely Kohn

Enjoy this Youtube live-stream rendition of Rosenblatt's Yishtabach, featuring Rosenblatt's signature coloratura, ably executed by Cantor Yoely Kohn. WATCH

Feature Cantor: Aaron Bensoussan

Chazonus.com is proud to launch a new initiative of articles titled, Feature Cantor, showcasing cantors with audio and video samples of their work, and endeavor to identify their unique musical abilities and skills. READ MORE, WATCH

Introducing Cantor Aaron Schweitzer

Cantor Aaron Schweitzer, a Montreal resident, is a lover of Chazonus and leads the prayers over the high holidays at a local synagogue. LISTEN

Impromptu: Ufros (Kapov-Kagan)

Cantor Yoely Kohn singing a Impromptu rendition of Ufros (Kapov-Kagan) at a cantorial jam session, accompanied by Maestro Israel Edelsohn. WATCH

Friends & Fans Celebrate Historic Milestone

Thousands of cantorial fans and fellow cantors, payed tribute to Cantor Yaakov Motzen this week in a special gala concert, celebrating a distinguished cantorial career spanning 50 years and many continents. MORE, VIDEOS

Cantor Benzion Miller in Israel

On a whirlwind trip to Israel, Cantor Benzion Miller, chief cantor of Beth El Synagogue in Boro Park has performed at the Motzen 50th Concert and other private events. VIDEOS

Ofir Sobol Debuts at Emotional Concert

This week thousands attended an emotionally laden concert where Maestro Ofir Sobol debuted as his father sucessor for the first concert since Dr Mordechai Sobol's passing. WATCH

Shabbos: Rand at Jerusalem Great Synagogue

Ramat Gan's Chief Cantor will be the guest cantor this Shabbos at the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem. MORE INFORMATION

Sold Out Crowd For Cantorial Star

On the fourth night of Chanukah, the large hall in Amsterdam was completely sold-out for cantorial star Israel Nachman. WATCH

Operatic & Cantorial 7th Blessing

At a wedding for a close friend, Cantor Yehuda Rottner was invited to recite the seventh blessing, inserting a classical opera melody and cantorials with improvisation. WATCH

Weiss Bring Chanukah Joy to Hospital

Cantor Tzvi Weiss was invited to light the first candle of Chanukah and entertain the workers and patients at the Ichilov Hospitla in Tel Aviv. He was accompanied by Menachaem Bristowski. WATCH

Helfgot’s Touching Tribute to Mentor

A stirring rendition of Brach Dodi (M. Stern) was performed at a tribute concert for Dr Mordechai Sobol OB"M. Sobol's voice was played in intervals with his student, Cantor Yitzchak Meir Helfgot, singing in between. VIDEO

Eitz Chayim Medley at Sobol Concert

A harmonious arrangement of an Eitz Chayim medley by Raymond Goldstien and sung by nine Cantors at the Sobol Tribute concert that took place in the Hamptons Synagogue. WATCH

Cantorial Twist to Chabad Niggun

This week, the Chabad community celebrated the Chassidic festival Yud Tes Kislev. In honor of the occasion Cantor Tzvi Grinhaim released a studio recording of the tune associated with this day, Pada Beshalom. AUDIO

Viennese Cantor Sings Chassidic Kaddish

Studio recording of Cantor Shmuel Barzilai singing Chassidic Kaddish (H. Zallis & Y. Rosenblatt) arrangements by Maestro Mordechai Sobol OB"M. AUDIO

Video Tribute to Haim & Gila Weiner

The remarkable video tribute to Haim and Gila Weiner that was screened this week at a the gala concert honouring their lifetime contribution to the cantorial field. WATCH

Picture of The Week

Cantor Benny Maisner, a student of Cantor Leib Glantz OB"M and Maestro Yotam Segal, pose in the Spanish Synagogue during the Annual European Cantorial Convention held in Pargue, Czech Republic.

Glick Prays at Concentration Camps

Cantor Shlomo Glick served as a guest cantor for a group who made the trip to Poland and a number of concentration camps. WATCH

Ani Ma’amin Like You’ve Never Heard Before

At a recent concert in Mexico, Cantor Simon Cohen introduced and sang Ani Ma'amin accompanied by a musical introduction and new arrangements by Maestro Eli Jaffe. WATCH

Celebrating 50 Years of Cantorial Work

Join Cantor Yaakov Motzen in celebrating 50 years of cantorial work in a jubilee concert this Decemeber. MORE DETAILS