Picture of The Week

Cantor Benny Maisner, a student of Cantor Leib Glantz OB"M and Maestro Yotam Segal, pose in the Spanish Synagogue during the Annual European Cantorial Convention held in Pargue, Czech Republic.

Glick Prays at Concentration Camps

Cantor Shlomo Glick served as a guest cantor for a group who made the trip to Poland and a number of concentration camps. WATCH

Ani Ma’amin Like You’ve Never Heard Before

At a recent concert in Mexico, Cantor Simon Cohen introduced and sang Ani Ma'amin accompanied by a musical introduction and new arrangements by Maestro Eli Jaffe. WATCH

Celebrating 50 Years of Cantorial Work

Join Cantor Yaakov Motzen in celebrating 50 years of cantorial work in a jubilee concert this Decemeber. MORE DETAILS

Ana Avda (Rosenblat)

Cantor Yossi Pomerantz singing Ana Avda at a wedding last week in New York City. WATCH

Cantorial Improv by Gantz

Cantorial improvisation on the words "Yotzer Meshartim" from the Shachris service of Shabbat morning by Cantor Chaim Gantz as taught to him by Maestro Mordechai Sobol OB"M. WATCH

Cantorial & Carlebach: Haneshama Lach

Cantor Chaim Stern sings Carlebach's classic, Haneshama Lach with a blend of Cantorial improvisation at a concert this week. WATCH

New York Remembers Maestro Sobol

The finest of New York's cantors gathered this week for a Sheloshim memorial in memory of Dr Mordechai Sobol. WATCH

Hundreds Gather in Memory of Maestro Sobol

Hundreds gathered this week in Israel to celebrate and remember the life of Maestro Mordechai Sobol, OB"M. Among the crowd were cantors from across the globe and Israel. WATCH

Halleluka by Helfgot, Yedidim & Freilach

‘Halleluka’ by Chazan Yossele Rosenblatt as sung by Chazan Yitzchok Meir Helfgot and Yedidim Choir. WATCH

Selections by Cantor Dovid Weinberg

Selection by Cantor Dovid Weinberg, Cantor of Congregation Ohel Yitzhak in Jerusalem and a guest Chazan at the Great Synagogue in Yerushalayim. WATCH

Full Video: Selichot 5778 at Hamptons

Full video of one of the world’s foremost cantors, Netanel Herstik of the Hampton Synagogue, West Hampton, NY, leading the Slichot Service on the Saturday preceding Rosh Hashanah. WATCH

7th Blessing by Cantor Chaim Adler

A recently released clip of Cantor Chaim Adler, Chief Cantor of Tel Aviv Great Synagogue singing the 7th blessing at the wedding ceremony of Cantor Leizer Brook. WATCH

Mekimi, Amar Rabi Elazar by Boyer

Videos from Cantor Motti Boyer singing at a private party in Israel during Sukkot 5779. WATCH

Cantorial Jam Session, Feb’ 1988

A Cantorial Jam Session at a private residence Miami Beach on February 17, 1988. Re-edited to HD from the archives of Gila & Haim Wiener.

Rogosnitzky’s New High Holiday CD

Cantor Benny Rogosnitzky discusses his New CD Set that according to his words "Reveal the Soul of High Holiday Davening". READ MORE

Motzen Records Chabad Niggun

Cantor Yaakov Motzen films himself singing Ki Hinei to the tune of a Chabad Niggun composed in the late 19th century by Rabbi Sholom Charitonow. WATCH

Videos: Maestro Sobol Funeral Procession

Videos from the funeral procession for Maestro Dr Mordechai Sobol of Blessed Memory. WATCH

Brook Records Janowski’s Avinu Malkeinu

Israeli Cantor Leizer Brook has a released his own version of Avinu Malkeinu, composed by Max Janowski. LISTEN

TV Segment on High Holiday Preps

A TV segment on Cantors preparations for the High Holidays interviewed Ashkenazic Cantors Tzvi Weiss, Chaim Adler and sephardi Cantor Moshe Chabusha. WATCH