Los Angeles to London: Selichot 5778 Roundup

From Melbourne to Los Angeles and from London to Jerusalem, tens of thousands gathered on Saturday night, 1st of Septmeber for the first Selichot service welcoming the new Jewish year, 5779. WATCH

Lesches Releases “Unetane Tokef”

Cantor Yisroel Lesches has released the second video in the series “The Synagogue Sessions” titled Unetane Tokef. WATCH, MORE

Selichot Rehearsal with Boyer

Cantor Motti Boyer will be making his debut performance in the United Kingdom, this Saturday night, September 1st, 2018. WATCH

Haben Yakir Li

Cantor Yossi Pomerantz singing Haben Yakir Li at a recent wedding. WATCH

Selichot With Boyer, Helfgot, Motzen & More

Chazonus.com has compiled a list of prominent Selichot services across the United States and The UK. MORE INFORMATION

Kevodo (Malavsky)

Cantor Chaim Gantz singing and playing Kevodo (S. Malavsky) with some minor improvisations. WATCH

Stern & Mizrahi Sing Rachem

Rachem, Have Mercy Hashem, composed my Mana Zucca and sung by Cantors Moshe Stern and Alberto Mizrahi, presented in connection with the month of Elul, the Jewish month of compassion and forgiveness. WATCH, LISTEN

New Series: Cantorial and Jazz

Lincoln Square Assistant Cantor Yisroel Lesches is a cantor who in his own words is "a massive fan of jazz". READ MORE, WATCH

Boyer Sings at Brother’s Wedding

Cantor Hillel Boyer celebrated his wedding this in Israel. His brother Cantor Motti Boyer was in full form singing during the Chuppa ceremony and the wedding. WATCH

Kedusha Set to Godfather Theme

Chazonus meets the Godfather: Kedusha of Shacharit set to the tune of The Godfather theme. WATCH

Barziliai to Release New Album

Cantor Shmuel Barzilai, chief cantor of the Israelitische Kultusgemeinde in Vienna, Austria will be releasing a new album in the coming months. MORE INFORMATION

Cantor Releases Chuppa Video

A complete cantorial Chuupa would be be the best way to sum Cantor Binyamin Neufield's new music videoWATCH

Classics by Baritone Colin Shachat

South African born Baritone Colin Shachat has thrilled audiences in Israel and around the globe for many years with his dramatic baritone voice. WATCH

Kwartin Classic: V’al Yedei

Cantor Motti Boyer singing V'al Yedei Avdecha, a cantorial classic composed by the famed Cantor Zevulen Kwartin. WATCH

Kevakoras by Hiller Boyer

Cantorial improvisation to the prayer Kevakoras that is recited on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur at the pinnacle moment of the service. WATCH

Hamptons: Hershtik Sings Koussevitzky

This Shabbat, 3-4th of August, Hamptons Synagogue will be commemorating the Yahrtzeit's of Cantors David & Moshe Koussevitzky. MORE INFORMATION

Lo Tevoshi (Ravitz)

Cantor Chaim Gantz sings and plays Lo Tevoshi, a short composition by cantorial teacher and master Shlomo Ravitz OB"M. WATCH

Braun & Greenfield Duet

Cantor Barry Braun, winner of the Chazonus.com inaugural competition and Cantor Mendy Greenfield singing at the end of year concert of Petach Tikvah Cantorial School. WATCH

Cantor Teases New Project

Australian born Cantor Yisroel Lesches has thought a lot about creating a new and exciting version of cantorial music that would appeal to a broader constituency. READ MORE

V’LiYerushalayim Ircha

Cantor Yechzkel Klang singing V'LiYerushalayim Ircha at a live cantorial service in Tel Aviv, June 2010. WATCH