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NEW: Cantorial Vocal Competition is excited to announce the launch of an online cantorial vocal competition. MORE

Next Week: Shabbat Chazanut

Save the date: Cantorial Shabbat with Cantor David Weinbach and Maestro Yankele Rottner. MORE INFORMATION

Helfgot at Shabbos Shira Concert

Video clips of world renown Cantor Yitzchak Meir Helfgot performing at the conclusion of the Cantorial Shabbos Shira in Jerusalem, Israel. WATCH VIDEOS

Shema Yisrael (Glantz)

A recent recording of Cantor Motti Boyer singing Shema Yisrael, a composition by Cantor Leib Glantz. WATCH

Spontaneous Boi Kallah (Hallelujah)

Watch Cantor David Weinbach break into a spontaneous rendition of Boi Kallah to the tune of Leonard Cohen's Halleuljah. WATCH, FULL STORY

Cantor Isidoro Abramowicz

Cantor Isidoro Abramowicz chanting the memorial prayer at the Stockholm Great Synagogue on International Remembrance Day of the Holocaust, 27 January 2018. WATCH

Nusach Green: Veanpoho

Cantor Avremi Roth presents the track Veanpoho from the album Nusach Green-Shabbos, produced in collaboration with famed Jewish composer Yossi Green. MORE INFORMATION

Cantor Zvi Lider “Ant Hu D’Shalit”

Cantor Zvi Lider singing "Ant Hu D'Shalit" at the "Epic Bar Mitzvah of the Century" for Leizer Galperin. WATCH

Rachem Na

Cantor Ezra Lubelsky singing Rachem Na (composed by Cantor Yossele Rosenblatt) at a Bar Mitzva in London. WATCH

Rozo DeShabbos by Cantor Zucker

Cantor Berel Zucker singing Rozo Deshabbos, a Chassidic composition made famous by Cantor Pierre Pinchik. WATCH

Retzeh by Cantor Yisroel Rotenberg

Cantor Yisroel Rotenberg singing Retzeh (Moshe Ganchoff) at a concert in the courtyard of the Abirim Hall in Akko, Israel. MORE

Tutorial: Bobover Nigun for Kel Adon

Each week Cantor Ezra Lubelsky presents a new song for cantors davening at the Amud. This weeks tune is a classical niggun for Lecha Dodi which is well known throughout the world, is practical and easy to use. LISTEN

Jewish German Cantorial Event 2004

A video of cantorial event in 2004 dedicated to Jewish German Cantorial Music with a Young Cantor Azi Schwartz and Maestro Raymond Goldstien. WATCH MORE PARTS

Introducing: “Nusach Green” Avremi Roth & Friends

A few years ago, Yossi Green, one of the pre-eminent composers of modern Jewish music, was present at a Cantorial Shabbat where the guest cantor and singer for the Shabbat was Avremi Roth. MORE, VIDEO

Six Hours (!) of Cantor Chaim Adler

More than six hours of Cantorial singing and performances by Cantor Chaim Adler, the former cantor of the Great Synagogue, Jerusalem. WATCH

Picture of The Day

Brothers and Cantors Yanky and Shulem Lemmer on the way to San Francisco to perform at Stanford University in a concert entitled "A Journey of Jewish Music". MORE INFORMATION

Musical Havdala by Cantor Yanky Lemmer

A musically rich rendition of the Havdala prayer sung by Cantor Yanky Lemmer at the Young Israel synagogue of West Hempstead, New York on the 12th of December, 2015. WATCH

From Greece with Love: Cantor Alberto Mizrahi

Cantorial Gems from the archives of Gila & Haim Wiener, sung by Cantor Alberto Mizrahi. WATCH

L’dovid Mizmor Live 1946 at Town Hall

American operatic tenor Richard Tucker singing L'Dovid Mizmor at a concert in Town Hall New York City, 1946.

Havdala at Young Israel of West Hempstead

Cantor Shulem Lemmer chanting the Havdala prayer that is recited at the conclusion of Shabbat at the Young Israel Synagogue of West Hempstead, New York. WATCH MORE