Upper West Side Cantors in Joint Concert

Three of the preeminent cantors of Manhattans Upper West Side joined together for a concert of Jewish liturgy.

Cantors: Zevi Muller, Chaim Dovid Betson, Yanky Lemmer and Maestro Daniel Gildar on the piano.
Conductor: Meir Briskman
Choir: Joseph Rubinstein, Eric Freeman, and Paul Knight (tenor), Antonio Watts (baritone), Markus Kaitila

Ana BeKoach – Shlomo Sletzky

Cantor Shlomo Sletzky sings “Ana Bekoach” – a mix of a number of songs arranged by Maestro Rafi Bitton.

Mimkomo – Yossele Kletzkin

Cantor Yossele Kletzkin singing Mimkomo (S. Lerer) at a recent concert in Petach Tikva, Israel.

Production and arrangement: Maestro Yotam Segal.

Video: Live Shabbos Chanukah, December 1988

Another gem from the archives of  Gila & Haim Wiener: A video recording of a live Shabbos Chanuka morning service led by four of the greatest Cantors:

David Bagley 
Benzion Miller 
Yaakov Motzen 
Moshe Schulhof

Live: A Yiddishe Mama – Cantor Shalom Katz

Cantor Shalom Katz sings the classical “A Yiddishe Mama” at a concert.

Biography: (JTA and other sources)
Cantor Shalom Katz was born in Romania, was a recognized cantor by the time of his Bar Mitzvah. He was ordained a rabbi at the age of 18 and was chief cantor of

A Chazan Oif Shabbos – Moshe Koussevitzky

At the very famous Roosevelt Sefirah Concert, Cantor Moshe Koussevitzky sings A Chazan Oif Shabbos.

Farvos Zingt A Chazan – Sholom Steinberg

Cantor Sholom Steinberg – a student at the cantorial school of Petach Tikva, Israel – sings Farvos Zingt a Chazan (D. Koussevitzky) at a private concert in the school.

5 Cantors Rehearsing – Baruch L’Kel Elyon

Five cantors rehearse for a concert that will take place in Petach Tikva, Israel on Thursday, December 17th, 2015.

Cantors: Dovid Weinbach, Shlomo Glick, Yaakov Rubin, Avremi Roth, Reuven Pinsky

Choir: Binyamin & Bezemiros
Musical arrangements: Maestro Yotam Segal
Piano: Maestro Menachem Baristovski

Havdalah & Chanukah Concert

The Second Cantorial Mission to Moscow, Chanukah (December) 1988. The concert begins with the Havdalah service, then continues with a wide range of Chanukah, Havadlah and Yiddish songs.

D. Bagley
B.Z Miller
Y. Motzen
M. Schulhof

Accompanied by:
Maestro Daniel Gildar – Piano

Assisted By:
Mr. Konstantin Kharchev,

Kel Maleh Rachamim – Motti Boyer

Cantor Motti Boyer chanting the Kel Maleh Rachamim prayer – in memory of those who perished during the Holocaust – during a recent trip of the Kupishnitzer Rebbe to Warsaw, Poland.

Cantor Tzvi Weiss Preforms in Vienna

Two clips from a recent concert of Cantor Tzvi Weiss in the Stadttempel synagogue in Vienna, Austria on November 22, 2015.

Three Chanukah Songs, Three Cantors

Cantor Yaakov Motzen singing Maoz Tzur (P. Pinchik) at a Chanukah Concert that took place on December 24, 1989 At The Young Israel Beth-El Of Borough Park.
This video clip is from a concert that took place in the month of Adar 5770, nevertheless Cantor Chaim Adler chose

V’af Hu – Cantors Helfgot & Rand

Cantor Yitzchak Meir Helfgot and Cantor Israel Rand sing V’af Hu (Y. Rosenblatt) at a recent concert in Israel.

Arrangement: Maestro Eli Jaffe.

Ato Yotzarto – Cantor Moshe Koussevitzky

Below is a recording is of the legendary Cantor Moshe Koussevitzky chanting the Ato Yotzarto prayer. This prayer is recited during the Sabbath morning service when it coincides with the first day of the Jewish month.

The audio is not the best, as the recording is from a live service

Chanukah Candle Lighting – Cantor Benzion Miller

Cantor Benzion Miller light the Menorah at a Chanukah concert that took place on Dec 24,1989 at The Young Israel Beth-El of Borough Park.

Halelu – Malchus Choir & Baruch Vizel

The text for this song is taken from the Hallel service that is recited every first day of the Jewish calendar month and on other auspicious occasions. 

Hallelu was composed by Yankele Talmud and has since become a popular cantorial song.

Drei Dreidel – Cantor Benjamin Muller & Sons

Cantor Benjamin Muller with his sons Yossi & Rafi at the tribute concert for cantor Avraham Hillman in Manchester, 16th December 2012, singing Drei Dreidel, a song composed by Cantor Muller.

Chanukah Blessings – Cantor Chaim Eliezer Herstik

Cantor Chaim Eliezer Herstik chanting the blessings that are recited every evening as the Chanukah candles are lit.

Maoz Tzur – Yaki Lauer

Cantor Yaki Lauer sings Maoz Tzur (P. Pinchik) at a concert in the Cantorial school in Petach Tikva, Israel.

Piano: Maestro Menachem Bristowski

New CD: The Art of Cantor Netanel Hershtik

From his earliest days as a child soloist in Jerusalem’s Great Synagogue, it was evident that Netanel Hershtik was gifted and over the years he has appeared on concert stages throughout the world and continues to touch hearts and souls in his role as the cantor at The Hampton Synagogue.