Hollywood Casts Cantor


Cantorial music progressed one step forward into mainstream popular culture with Cantor Azi Schwartz being featured in a Hollywood film.

The film ‘Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer’, now available for streaming on all major online, platforms casts Hollywood actor Richard Gere as an influential New Yorker who falls from the height of his success and power.

The movie features a cantorial piece which “somehow informed the music language of the whole film” according to director Joseph Cedar.

When asked why he wanted a cantor in his story, he shared: “There is that contradiction in every Cantor between someone who’s job it is to mediate between the congregation and God, but who’s also a performer. Those two functions don’t always live with each other harmoniously. That’s a great conflict. I like Cantors. They are torn by these two sides.”

The clip:

For more details and full recording of the cantorial piece featured in the film CLICK HERE.

Interview about the film:

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