Cantorial Gallery at 13th Anniversary Concert

More than ten cantors, former students of the Petach Tikva cantorial school, were featured this week at a concert celebrating the school’s thirteenth’s anniversary.


Cantor Yechezkel Klang – Zara Chaya (D. Kousseviztky)

Shema Yisrael (D. Werdyger)

Hashem Malach (M. Koussevitzky)

Mein Shteitel –

Lefichach and Eitz Chayim (Eli Jaffe)

Ata Nigeleita – (Moshe Stern)

Ana Avda (D. Koussevitzky)

Mamele –

Amar Rabi Elazar – Moshe Oysher

Finale – Ad Hena

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