Cantorial Selections – Cantor Bernard Savitz

Cantor Bernard Savitz is a graduate of the Talmudical Academy of Baltimore, Yeshiva College, the James Striar School of Jewish Studies, and the Cantorial Training Institute, all in New York.

Cantor Savitz also has rabbinical ordination from an Orthodox Beis Din in California.

He also spent a year at Bar-Ilan University in Ramat-Gan, Israel, studying opera and music theory.

Canor Savitz served as the cantor of Har Zion Congregation in Scottsdale for 11 years and is now the spiritual leader of Congregation Shomrei Torah in Scottsdale.

Vehu Rachum (Y. Rosenblatt)

Amar Rabi Elazar (M. Oysher)

V’al Yedei, Tiher (Z. Kwartin)

Hashkivenu (B. Savitz)

Choson Kallah (B. Savitz)

Hatei (I. Schorr)

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