Elokai – Cantor Yaakov Stark

As tens of thousands Satmar Chasidim gathered for the year’s largest celebration, the annual dinner of 21 Kislev, Shira Choir teamed with world-renowned Cantor Yaakov Y. Stark for a re-imagined rendition of the cantorial masterpiece “Elokai” by legendary composer and cantor, Yossele Rosenblatt, of blessed memory.

Accompanied by the extended symphony of Freilach Orchestra with beautiful
arrangements by Mendy Herskowitz, Stark and Shira executed an awe-inspiring rendition of the cantorial masterpiece “Elokai”.

Music by: Freilach Orchestra
Arranged by: Mendy Herskowitz
Mixed by: Chaim Gottasman
Video: Neuman Media Studios
Stage Managers: Pinny Cohn, Motty Jay

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