Kulam Ahuvim – Chazan Moshe Dovid Steinberg

Born in Kishenev, Bessarabia (now Moldova) son of exceptional Baal tfilah young David Moshe early sung in his father’s choir. The father, interested only in having his son learn Talmud, reluctantly allowed the boy to go to Odessa to study with renowned Solomon Razumnii.

In 1902 Steinberg took his first big post in Odessa’s Ahrele Synagogue, moved on to Berditchev, then to Vilna, returning to Odessa as cantor of the Great Synagogue in 1910. He remained in Odessa for fourteen years.

In 1924 Steinberg emigrated to America, holding positions at the Brisker’s Synagogue of Newark, the Montefiore Synagogue of the Bronx (three years), and the Woodrow Avenue Synagogue of Boston. In 1929 Paramount Pictures made him a handsome offer to appear in the new talking films, which he declined.

While on a concert tour in London in 1932, he was persuaded to return to Vilna and remained abroad for five years, one of which he spent in Chernowitz, Austria.

In 1937 Steinberg returned to New York and officiated at the Hebrew Institute of University Heights until his death in 1941 at the age of 70.

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