NEW: Cantorial Vocal Competition is excited to announce the launch of an online Cantorial vocal talent competition. Simply showcase your talent and win a cash prize.

​​How will it work? will announce the selected cantorial composition on Thursday, Rosh Chodesh Adar / 15th of February 2018. ​Contestants will have 3 weeks to send recordings of themselves singing the selected composition.

Candidiates can send their submissions
via whatsapp: +61414302770 or email:

​​Who decides the winner?
A judge will score the recordings. The scoring will be based on the musicality, creativity of the cantor while staying true to the original composition.

There will also be an online poll running for a week on, where our readers will have the possibility to vote for their favorite recording.

Both of these scores will be combined and the​ contestant that attains the​ highest​ combined​ score will be declared the winner.

Once the winner is announced, they will receive a $​400 USD or 1,​500 ILS cash prize.

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