New Series: Cantorial and Jazz

Lincoln Square Assistant Cantor Yisroel Lesches is a cantor who in his own words is “a massive fan of jazz”.

“I’ve always wanted to combine the two into my own little sub-genre” says Lesches, “to present a new and contemporary cantorial sound that would appeal to a wider audience”.

After months of work, he released the first video in a series called “The Synagogue Sessions”, eight episodes, eight cantorial pieces, set to jazz arrangements played by young jazz musicians from New York, led, arranged and directed by Adam Podd.

Each episode has been recorded on location inside a synagogue sanctuary, and filmed in cinematic 4k. “It’s authentic, it’s real, and it just sounds awesome” says Lesches.

The first song in the series is Shlomo Carlebach’s Mimkomcha jazzed to the ninths, the remaining series of videos will be released in the coming months.

The Synagogue Sessions, Episode 1

Yisroel Lesches

Musical Director: Adam Podd
Arranger: Adam Podd

Trumpet: Oskar Stenmark
Trombone: James O’Connell
Saxophone: Owen Broder
Percussion: Jamie Donald Eblen
Bass: Dave Speranza
Piano: Adam Podd

On-location recording, engineering, and mixing: Mark Goodell
Cinematography: Joris Reynaud

Recorded at: The Tribeca Synagogue, Manhattan

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