Oh, Ir Kleine Lichtelech – Naftali Hershtik

Cantor Naftali Hershtik sings this beautiful Chanuka melody “Oh, Ir Kleine Lichtelech” (Lyrics by Morris Rosenfeld) in a Concert in Enscede, Holland.

English Lyrics:
O little lights of mystery
You recall our history
And all that went before
The battles and the bravery
And our release from slavery 
Miracles galore. 

As my eyes behold your flames 
I recall our heroes names 
And our ancient dream: 
Jews were learning how to fight 
To defeat an awesome might 
They could reign supreme

They would rule their own domain 

When the enemy was slain, 
The Temple cleansed and whole. 
Once there was a Jewish land 
And a mighty Jewish hand. 
Oh, how it moves my soul!
O little lights of mystery 

You retell our history 
Your tales are tales of pain. 
My heart is filled with fears 
My eyes are filled with tears 
“What now?” says the haunting refrain.

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