Cantor Yaakov Lemmer sings B’nei Heicholo (Modzitz)

From Cantor Yanky Lemmer: I learned this song from Reb Benzion Shenker who departed from this world today 11/20/2016.

He was drawn to Modzitz through its music and by his closeness to Reb Shaul Yedidya of Modzitz who composed this song. Reb Shaul Yedidya was the fourth Rebbe of the Modzitz dynasty.

Modzitz or Modzhitz is the name of a Hasidic group within Orthodox Judaism that derives its name from Modrzyce, one of the boroughs of the town of Dęblin, Poland, located on the Vistula River.

The rabbis of this dynasty were blessed with tremendous musical abilities and their name has become synonymous with Chassidic song. Reb Shaul Yedidya was born on 20 October 1886. He guided his hasidim in Poland until September 1939 when he fled Poland due to Nazi persecution. He travelled to Vilna, Lithuania, Russia and from there made his way to Japan. Eventually, with the help of some Modzitzer Hasidim, he and some family members reached the shores of San Francisco and then moved to Brooklyn, New York in 1940. It was during his stay in Brooklyn that Rebbe Shaul Yedidya Elazar became popular and helped rebuild Modzitz.

He was a gifted songwriter and wrote over 1,000 hasidic melodies. He had an intense love for the Land of Israel, and even foresaw the coming of the State of Israel. He was unable to see the realization of his prediction, and he died on November 29, 1947, the day the UN voted to create the State of Israel. He was the last person to be buried on the Mount of Olives until it was liberated in 1967. His teachings have been collected in the volumes of Imrei Shaul and Yisa Bracha. He was succeeded by his oldest son, Rebbe Shmuel Eliyahu Taub.

Performed at the Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow 2015.

You princes of the palace, who yearn to behold the splendor of Z’eir Anpin: (“Lesser Countenance/Small Face”, a revealed aspect of God in Kabbalah) Be present at this meal at which the King leaves His imprint.

Exult, rejoice in this gathering together with the angels and all supernal beings; Rejoice now, at this most propitious time, when there is no sadness.

Draw near to Me, behold My strength, for there are no harsh judgments.

They are cast out, they may not enter, these [forces of evil which are likened to] insolent dogs.

I herewith invite the “Ancient of Days” at this auspicious time, and [the powers of impurity] will be utterly removed.
It is His revealed will to annul all the powers of impurity; He will hurl them into their abysses and they will hide in the clefts of the rocks.
For this time of Minchah is a time of joy for Z’eir Anpin

Frank London – Trumpet
Michael Winograd – Clarinet
Richie Barshay – Drums
Sanne Möricke – Accordion
Benjy Fox-Rosen – Bass

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